About AJK Electricity Department

The chronicle of Electricity in the Azad State of Jammu & Kashmir can be split into two eras, i.e. Pre-1974 era and Post-1974 era. In the 1st era, Electricity was available only in few parts of Muzaffarabad & Mirpur towns and almost 99% area of State was literally living in the stone-age. Then the State observed 1974-1983 era, which was a juvenile period of Electricity in the State and 2nd era, ever since 1983 is going to complete 40 years journey and completely transferring the hours of darkness into complete daytime. Now, the 96% population of the AJ&K is having the facility of Electricity.

AJK Electricity Department (AJKED) is a State owned department and as per Azad Govt. of the State of Jammu & Kashmir Rules of Business, 1985 (Revised in 2021) for the transaction of the business of the government, and AJKED has been entrusted the primary responsibilities of construction, operation & maintenance of electricity network along with numerous secondary responsibilities.

Nowadays, Electricity is not merely Electricity, rather since the dawn of new millennium, Electricity has transformed itself into “Power” and Electricity Department has also transformed itself into “ Transmission & Distribution Department” and factually empowered the whole population in all the widths and breadths of the State by supplementing, complementing & flourishing all the others sectors of the life including food & water supplies, education & health, construction & communication, recreation & tourism, tools & technologies, agriculture & business etc.

At present AJKED functions as an attached department under the jurisdiction of Energy & Water Resources department of GoAJK and comprises on five sub-departments/wings, headed-by as mentioned here below:
1) Chief Engineer (Muzaffarabad)
2) Chief Engineer (Mirpur)
3) Chief Engineer (Poonch)
4) Director General (Commercial)
5) Director General (Tariff & Surveillance)