Rules of Business


  1.  Preparation of development plans, constructions, operation & maintenance of Power Plants, Grid Stations, Transmission lines, HT & LT distribution Lines, supply & distribution of electricity of Hydel, Coal, Wind, Solar, Biomass, LNG, and Thermal Power.
  2. Determination of rates of supply to consumers in buy and otherwise and prescribing tariffs.
  3. Assessment and collection of revenue taxes on electricity.
  4. Administration of Electricity Act, 1910 and Electricity Rules, 1937.
  5. Administrative control and check on the work of Electrical Inspectors.
  6. Implementation of Cinematographs Rules, 1976 read with Motion Picture Law relating to the use of electricity and cinematograph apparatus in cinemas.
  7. Electrical accidents in connection with generation, transmission, distribution and use of electric energy.
  8. Standardization of specifications in respect of electric appliances, machinery and installations.
  9. All technical matters including Court cases.
  10. Grant, revocation or amendment of Licenses of Electric Supply, undertaking and approval of loads.
  11. Matters connected with electricity duty and cess under AJ&K Laws.
  12. Regulations, controlling and granting Electrical contractors Licenses and Supervisors Competency Certificate and other matters connected with Licensing.
  13. Matters connected with village, urban and industrial electrification including formulation and devising criterion for selection of villages.
  14. Matters connected with tube well electrification.
  15. Liaison with WAPDA, AJ&K Council, PEPCO, Federal and Provincials entities, Independent Power Producers, Distribution/Generation Companies (IPPS) and other Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) involved in Energy Sector.
  16. Service matters except those entrusted to Services and General Administration Department.
  17. Purchase of stores and capital goods for the Department.
  18. Powers and Functions entrusted to Power Development Organization under PDO Act-2014.
  19. Administration of the relevant Laws and the rules pertaining to the Department.