AJK Electricity Department (Tariff/Surveillance/Audit Wing)

The Power Distribution Network has been expanded to almost all the inhabited area of the State. Over 0.7 million electricity connections of different categories have been issued, of whom micro level accounts amounting billion of kWh units and rupees are maintained on monthly basis.

Nevertheless, flourishing of the power sector in AJK largely dependents on proper surveillance, commercial as well as technical surveillance and appropriate tariff determination mechanisms and systems. It has been observed in the past that substantial amounts of revenue have been wasted due to ineffective prevailing auditing system. The traditional auditing system is not capable to establish a fool proof surveillance system. Therefore, there is a dire need to establish an independent but integrated wing within the power sector, focusing on performance audits.

Surveillance, Internal Audit & Tariff  Wing  would be responsible for critical observation, scrutiny and examination of all the activities being carried out in power sector, conduct commercial & technical audit  and to ensure that staff adheres to the ethical values and they perform their duty with due diligence and conduct studies for determination of the tariff with WAPDA/DISCOs and IPPs as well determination/implementation of tariff for the electricity consumers in AJK and  it interalia includes following activities;

  1. Conduct the Energy Accounting & Auditing of the power sector of AJK.
  2. Conduct the internal inspections and commercial/performance audits.
  3. Submit the reports to the government as required.
  4. Propose the remedial plans to rectify possible sort of leakages of revenue.
  5. Propose the disciplinary action against those who involve in any sort of malpractice.
  6. To develop a Performance Evaluation System of all the individuals of the department.
  7. Guide & Counsel the employees on their progress and carrier opportunities.
  8. To monitor that the necessary records are being maintained.
  9. Conduct studies to work out an affordable, feasible and viable tariff for AJK.
  10. To monitor that right tariff is being applied to the consumers.
  11. Recommend the appropriate measures considered necessary for discharging duties & responsibilities.
  12. Recommend the innovative measures to enhance the performance & efficiency of the department.