AJK Electricity Department (Grid/Construction/Procurement Wing)

Prior to year 2005, WAPDA were responsible for the construction and operation of transmission lines & grid stations in AJK. However, after the initialization of WAPDA privatization policy, construction, operation & maintenance of transmission lines & grid stations up to 132 kV had been assigned to individual DISCOs. However, in-operation T&G System; was assigned over to neighboring DISCOs.

Power Transmission System of AJK comprised on 25 Nos, 132/11 and 33/11 kV voltage based grid stations having total installed capacity of about 700 MVA feed through seven (7) 132 kV, two (2) 33 kV transmission lines of DISCOs originating from national grid system and one (1) 132 kV transmission line being operated by PDO.

Meanwhile, due to odd factors and other allied issues, financial burden on all the DISCOs has been regularly increasing and as the result, DISCOs were unable to provide the T&G Services to AJK, with a result that people of AJK were facing multiple and continuous power crises and GoAJK/AJKED has to bear additional losses.   

Therefore, GOAJK decided to establish its own T&G wing, which would be responsible for the planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance of the Transmission Lines &Grid Stations System in AJK and liaison with WAPDA/NTDC and other concerned departments/divisions of Pakistan and it interalia includes following activities;

  1. Operate & Maintain the 132 kV Grid Station Rampura, to partially improve the power supply quality of district Muzaffarabad &Hattian.
  2. Conduct the technical studies for the planning, designing, construction, operation and maintenance of the Transmission &Grid Stations System in AJK.
  3. Prepare designs, tender documents / drawings of the grid stations and transmission lines.
  4. Finalize the specifications; procure the material for the construction, operation & maintenance of the grid stations & transmission lines.
  5. Acquire the land for the construction of new grid stations & transmission lines.
  6. Manage contracts regarding construction & expansion of grid stations & transmission lines.
  7. Ensure the safety, security and quality related regulations and standards.
  8. Design and implement the proper protection system including relay setting.
  9. Ensure the power dispersal of existing and proposed hydropower stations.
  10. Establish a proper metering system at all the grid stations.
  11. Establish a data communication system among all the powerhouses and grid stations.
  12. Explore the financing options.andTake over all the T&G System in AJK in phases.